About us

We are a Polish company that has been dealing in the production of plastic and paper packaging, paper cups, bowls and lids since 2005. We focus on innovation and reliability, that is why our factories are equipped with the latest tools, which allow us to make products in accordance with the principles of increasing legal requirements as well as food and packaging safety. The answer to these requirements is primarily, introduced in Click-Pack in 2015, the BRC PACKAGING production standard that guarantees the quality and safety of our products.

The employees are our strength. Knowledge, experience and extensive technical facilities of the Click-Pack team make us provide professional advice at every stage of the project – from the idea, through implementation, to the store shelf. We believe in flexibility and close cooperation with the client. We offer not only ready-made packaging and solutions, but we are also open to common development and realization of, both individual and developed together with the client, cooperation principles or products.

What features Click-Pack company is:

  • flexibility, creativity and individual approach
  • quick decision-making process supported by effective implementation
  • involved team
  • high production efficiency while ensuring repeatable high quality of the product offered
  • high quality of raw materials

New technologies:

We have adequate facilities to implement even the largest orders. All thanks to the large area of two plants (a total of approx. 10,000 m²) and one of the most innovative machine parks.

We believe that comprehensive and close cooperation with the client at every stage of the project implementation is a guarantee of success and business development, both our client’s and ours. We approach each accepted task with the same commitment and focus on providing the best quality product.

Ecology and economy

We strive to make our packaging economical and ecological. A perfect example of this is the structure of the PET material from which we produce transparent packaging. It takes the form of a “sandwich” – the inner layer comes from recycling (up to 80% of its structure), and the two outer layers are the original raw material, providing the highest hygienic standard of packaging. Moreover, packaging from our PET as a mono-material (there is no need for laminates, e.g. barriers, as in the case of PP) are simple and cheap in reprocessing, for which they are 100% suitable. It is enough to grind the packaging, and the resulting flakes can be reused in the production of both new packaging and other products that surround us – such as popular fleece sweatshirts. The situation is similar with paper packaging and cups, which are recycled or used to generate energy in the burning process – of course, the more controlled the process is (e.g. burning in power plants), the greater a balance of benefits is!

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