Black rPET containers


We have recently implemented to the product portfolio completely new product we are really proud of: black rPET containers made of  recycled material, thanks to which we conduce to protect the environment and efficiently reduce carbon footprint. Everything with consideration about the environment – we would like to contribute in reduction of climate changes.

What are recycled black containers?

They are products made of  recycled PET material Our rPET Packaging offer consists of 9 models. We have there high quality sauce boats, bowls and containers suitable to storage or transport of food in hygienic conditions.

It is worth to emphasize that in our rPET assortment there are available products in capacity from 100 to 2100 ml with option to seal with film or closing with a lid.

Advantages of our black rPET containers from recycling

Huge advantage of this solution is fact we keep plastic in closed circulation with great benefit for the environment. Our containers are not only made of recycled material, after usage they can be recycled in 100% and used again. Thanks to this fact, they will not defile the environment.

Current market trends shows that nowadays the customers prefer to have a choice in what type of packaging will the ordered goods be delivered. Thanks to our packaging you can overtake your competitors and show your customers that the ecological aspect is part of your philosophy.

We warmly invite you to get acquainted with our entire offer and placing the orders! We will happily answer all your questions concerning the assortment.

Our offer is constantly developing and the products presented are only part of our range. Ask for the packaging you are looking for - we answer in 24h. Contact form